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HR ad interim / Consulting / Services

My services are geared towards small and medium-sized companies in all areas of human resources management. Your company-specific needs in terms of comprehensive human resources management are covered by individual and customized solutions and roles.


  • Bridging personnel bottlenecks

  • Establishing or revision of personnel regulations

  • Professional recruitment including mini-assessments

  • Salary administration (Abacus, Swiss Salary) incl. processing of social insurances 

  • Employment law clarifications

  • Employee support

  • Training & Coaching

  • Definition of HR processes

  • Managing HR projects


Coachings regarding professional and personnel situations


Are you in a difficult situation professionally or personally, or are you facing a major challenge that you would like to reflect on in depth with an HR professional? Are you looking for a new field of activity that fulfills you and would you like to discuss possibilities in this regard with someone who can help you find orientation and implement the defined measures? Are you looking for support to deal with stressful situations in a solution-oriented way?


  • Professional position determination 

  • Reorientation

  • Application coaching

  • Self-marketing in the application process

  • Dealing with stressful situations

  • Executive coaching

  • Burnout prevention

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