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"Mrs. Küng is a very competent professional woman who puts her heart and soul into coaching sessions. She helped me with her empathy to look more positively into the future. She also helped me to approach job interviews more confidently with target-oriented arguments. The four sessions with a woman Küng were a huge asset for me."

TB Bern


"We used the services of Delphine Küng, HR Consulting, to revise our regulations. The job was carried out very competently, seriously and promptly."

Lilo Waser, HR Business Partner

Knorr- Bremse Rail Systems Schweiz AG



"We got to know Delphine Küng as a very committed lecturer. She taught in various courses with a practical orientation and with enthusiasm."

Beatrice Gull, Head of Academy

o+i academy


"Due to her extensive expertise and professional work approach, Delphine Küng has created significant added value. Her flexibility and dedication allowed her to quickly and comprehensively meet our requirements. We were extremely satisfied with the excellent quality of her work and happily recommend her as a competent HR professional."

Matz Bachmann 

Managing Director Testex AG

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